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Eli Terris

Postgraduate Associate

Based at Yale University, Eli has spent over ten years working at the nexus of environmental justice, education and sustainable land management in sub-Saharan Africa and the United States.

At ELTI, Eli is learning about and researching innovative teaching methods that combine online platforms and field experiences to achieve global and local restoration efforts. He is also researching how to establish demonstration sites for capacity development in the tropics. Raised in Massachusetts, Eli has always loved the natural world. Growing up, he regularly searched for critters under logs or in trees. Other times, he would people-watch in parks and coffee shops. As an undergraduate at Brandeis University, Eli studied cultural anthropology and French, deepening his understanding of being, living and communicating. Yet it was during his four years as an agroforestry Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, Mali and Sierra Leone that he forged strong relationships with tropical forests and West Africans. This inspired him to pursue a Master’s in Environmental Management at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. During this time, he conducted ethnographic research in rural Mali, assisted a multilateral green infrastructure project in New Haven and participated in community-led urban restoration efforts with high school students.

"The ELTI team comprises the hardest-working and most passionate individuals I have ever met. I love our courage in taking on demonstrative challenges."

Eli Terris
Eli planting a live fence of Acacia senegal seedlings in Kolda, Senegal
Jonathan Presley