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Emily Sigman

Training Associate, Online Program

Based at Yale University, Emily brings an abundance of creativity and experience to help ELTI facilitate engaging, immersive and educational experiences for program participants both online and in the field.

Emily Sigman is a political ecologist, with research interests in food systems, interspecies relationships, and social-ecological systems and restoration.  Emily has contributed to research at The World Agroforestry Centre, Bioversity International, the Yale School Forests and the Yale Forestry and Rangeland Research Program. Currently, Emily is writing a book about chocolate.  Emily has studied, worked, and collaborated on interdisciplinary projects in more than 75 countries, and speaks five and a half languages.  Emily holds a Master of Forestry degree from the Yale School of the Environment, a Master of Global Affairs degree from the Yale Jackson Institute, and has held visiting scholar positions at National Taiwan University, Beijing Normal University and University of Ghana.  Emily enjoys the companionship of animals, urban gardening, teaching public workshops, tango dancing, improvisational singing, and traveling the world by bike, train and cargo ship.

"Inclusive, community-based, politically sensitive and scientifically informed restoration offers a potent corrective to the linked issues of social injustice and environmental degradation."

Emily Sigman
Emily Sigman surrounded by reindeer in the Mongolian steppe.
Emily doing food systems research with Tsataan communities and their reindeer in the Darhad Valley of Mongolia.