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Jorge Gutiérrez

Jorge Gutiérrez

Panama Field Technician, Neotropics Program

Jorge has been an ELTI affiliate since 2019.

Based in Panama’s Azuero Peninsula, Jorge is a Panamanian agronomist with a degree in Environment and Development from the Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School in Honduras. He has years of experience as an extension agent focused on implementing and monitoring silvopastoral systems and forest restoration projects with community-based farmer associations. At ELTI, Jorge provides post-training mentorship and technical assistance to ELTI alumni, facilitates training during ELTI field courses and coordinates research projects with students.

"It inspires me to support people to fulfill their dreams while making a positive change that the environment, Panama and all of us need."

Jorge Gutiérrez
Jorge Gutiérrez providing technical assistance to a Peace Corps Volunteer and her community counterpart.
Jacob Slusser