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Liza Velasco

Research Assistant, Philippines Program

Based at ViSCA Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Development, Inc., Liza has been with ELTI since 2020.

Liza is a professional teacher and Master’s degree candidate at Visayas State University (VSU). She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Biological Sciences from VSU. During her four years at VSU, she was exposed to the campus’ healthy environment. She found something infinitely healing in the refrains of nature for her physical and mental well-being. At ELTI, Liza is making a contribution to the conservation of valuable forests.

"Destroying rainforests for economic gain hurts humanity as much as it hurts the forest."

Liza Velasco
Liza Velasco planting a tree
Liza Velasco planting a tree.
Liza Velasco