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Zoraida Calle

Zoraida Calle

Colombia Coordinator, Neotropics Program

Based at Fundación CIPAV in Colombia, Zoraida Calle has been an ELTI affiliate since 2017.

The exuberant nature, unique biodiversity and resilient rural communities of her native country have inspired Zoraida's restoration work in Colombian agricultural landscapes. For more than two decades, Zoraida has coordinated an ecological restoration group within Fundación CIPAV, ELTI's partner organization in Colombia. CIPAV's restoration work involves a combination of participatory research, pilot projects, on-farm activities and bioengineering. Focused on the synergy between restoration and sustainable farming, Zoraida has explored the complementary role of silvopastoral systems in landscape-scale conservation.

"As Colombia Coordinator for ELTI, I hope to enhance capacity building for restoration in my country and inspire other Colombians to build a peaceful nation by restoring degraded lands."

Zoraida Calle
By conserving healthy populations of white-lipped peccaries like this pet at pilot farm Los Naranjos in Yondó (Antioquia, Colombia), cattle farmers can minimize conflict with jaguars.
Enrique Murgueitio