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HCV-HCS Management & Monitoring and Tree Species Identification in PT. Sumalindo Lestari Jaya IV


The Blue Forests-ELTI program is hosting a field course on HCV-HCS management & monitoring and tree species identification.

Sumalindo Lestari Jaya IV is a private company managing a natural forest concession in a state forest located in East Kalimantan. The concession currently manages a total area of 63,550 hectares (ha). In managing the forest, the company has an approved long-term management plan (RKU/Rencana Kerja Usaha) which prescribes the forest management for ten years. The long-term management plan is developed based on the results of a periodic comprehensive forest inventory which is used to determine the allowable cut, planned working areas, and other forest management prescriptions. One of the main activities for forest inventory is tree species identification, which is crucial to determine the harvestable species and identify protected tree species.

The company conducted a full HCV assessment in 2016. Based on this assessment, the company identified HCV 1, 2, 4, 6 and potential HCV 3 areas. The HCV assessment identified the presence of HCV 1 (species diversity). The HCV 1 species include 14 species of dipterocarp and ibis karau (Pseudibis davisoni), which are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. The HCV assessment team identified a total of 11,549 ha of HCV areas within the management unit.

As part of Blue Forests-ELTI’s efforts to support landscape conservation in East Kalimantan, we are collaborating with PT. Sumalindo Lestari Jaya IV to conduct a training on HCV-HCS management & monitoring and tree species identification. This course aims to improve the sustainable forest management practice in the landscape.


1. Introduction to HCV and HCV areas
2. HCV management and monitoring
3. Tree species identification
4. Field practice on tree species identification