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Community-Based Mangrove Rehabilitation Training Series - Iloilo, Philippines - March


Mangrove forests throughout the tropics have suffered wide-scale deforestation and degradation. Important ecosystem services provided by the mangroves, including protecting the coast from the erosive force of waves and serving as a nursery for fish species, have declined or been lost. To begin reversing this situation, the Philippine government recently launched the National Greening Program (NGP), which aims to rehabilitate both terrestrial and mangrove forests. Conventional approaches to mangrove reforestation, however, have often proven unsuccessful due to a limited understanding of the hydrology and structure of mangrove ecosystems. To overcome this limitation, ELTI, in cooperation with ZSL and SEAFDEC, are providing a series of trainings on ecological and community-based approaches to mangrove rehabilitation for People’s Organization involved in the NGP. These trainings are focused on providing the technical knowledge and skills needed to rehabilitate abandoned fishponds and reestablish green belts along the coast.


Day 1

  • Opening Ceremonies 
  • Mangrove Biology and Taxonomy (Dr. Primavera / ZSL)
  • Mangrove Taxonomy Practicals (Ms. Loma / ZSL)
  • Mangrove Livelihood/Utilization and Valuation (Dr. Primavera)
  • Mangrove Nursery (Mr. Coching / ZSL)

Day 2

  • Mangrove Outplanting (Dr. Primavera & Mr. Coching)        
  • Establishing Eco-parks (Dr. Primavera & Ms. Savaris / ZSL)
  • Mangrove Governance/Policies (Ms. Penafiel / DENR)
  • National Greening Program (Ms. Consunji / ELTI)
  • Communities' Role in Mangrove Rehabilitation & Conservation (Ms. Savaris)
  • Orientation on Site Visits (Ms. Savaris)

Day 3

  • Travel from Tigbauan to Ivisan
  • Community Engagement with DENR on NGP (Mr. Golbeque & NewBAMA)
  • Tour of Nursery & Planting Areas
  • Open Forum with NewBAMA, MLGU and DENR 
  • Wildling Collection, Bagging, Planting Practical (Mr. Coching)
  • Overnight in Roxas City

Day 4

  • Travel from Roxas City to Ajuy
  • Pedada Eco-park Tour (Ms. Savaris / Pedada PO)
  • Open Forum with Pedada PO/MLGU
  • Travel back to SEAFDEC

Day 5

  • Processing of Field Experience (Ms. Savaris)
  • Travel to Nabitasan, Leganes
  • Tour of reverted pond-mangrove (Mr. Batislaon / MLGU)
  • Discussion with MLGU
  • Travel to Ermita, Dumangas
  • Tour of S.alba greenbelt (Mr. Coching)
  • Closing Ceremonies 
  • Course Evaluation 
  • Travel back to SEAFDEC