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Conference: Biodiversity in Human-Impacted Landscapes


The first version of the annual ELTI-PRORENA conference addressed the topic of biodiversity conservation efforts occuring outside protected areas and within human-impacted landscapes, in regions that often receive little attention but prove vital for overall landscape conservation. Approximately 120 participants from the governmental and private sector, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions attended this conference.


Introduction: Biodiversity in Human-Impacted Landscapes
Jefferson S. Hall

Can Forest Plantations Contribute to Biodiversity Recovery and Conservation in Degraded Landscapes?
Florencia Montagnini

Bee Communities and Their Pollination Services in Deforested Landscapes
Berry Brosi

Opportunities to Conserve Biodiversity in Central American Agricultural Landscapes: Lessons from the FRAGMENT Project
Celia Harvey

Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes: the Need for New Focuses for its Conservation
Joel Sáenz

Discussion Panel: The Future of Biodiversity in Tropical Landscapes in Transition
Stuart Davies, Center for Tropical Forest Science / Mark S. Ashton, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University