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Conference: Biofuels and Tropical Forests— Trends, Implications, and Emerging Alternatives


This version of the annual ELTI-PRORENA conference gathered a group of national and international experts to discuss the latest research and debates related to biofuels, including relevant case studies from the Neotropics. In this region, the production and use of biofuels is quickly expanding often with the support of governments that promote them as a cleaner source of energy in comparison to fossil fuels. However, there is growing concern in some sectors about the potential and often overlooked adverse impact of these fuels. This event offered a chance to better understand the origin of these concerns and their potential implications.


How Green are Biofuels? A Tropical Perspective
Dr. William F. Laurance

Potential Benefits and Impacts of Biofuel Production in Brazilian Amazonia
Dr. Philip Fearnside

Carbon Mitigation by Biofuels or by Saving and Restoring Forests?
Renton Righelato

Biofuel Crops and the Use of Non-native Species: Mitigating the Risk of Biological Invasions in Neotropical Landscapes
Stas Burgiel

The Social Impacts of Biofuel Production on Indigenous and Forest Dependent Communities: the Case of African Palm in the Pacific Coast of Colombia
Fidel Mingorance

Second Generation Biofuels: a Sustainable Alternative?
Helena Paul

Rainforest Alliance Certification: an Option for Sustainable Production -A Piilot Project to Certify 3,500 Hectares of Oil Palm with Small-Scale Producers
Elsa Matilde Escobar

IDB Support to Biofuels
Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho