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Conference: Biofuels: The Impact of Oil Palm on Forests and Climate


As the increasing demand for biofuels continues to drive the rapid expansion of the industry throughout Southeast Asia, there is growing concern about the ability of oil palm-derived biodiesel to effectively help reduce global greenhouse gas reductions. There is also worry about the impact this expansion is having on tropical forests, their ecosystem services, and the people who depend on them. ELTI and the Department of Biological Sciences at NUS organized this two day conference which gathered people from the science, NGO, and private sector, to discuss the actual and potential impacts of biofuels in this region of high biological diversity, and examine emerging alternatives to palm oil.


Keynote address: How Green are Biofuels? A Tropical Perspective
Dr. William F. Laurance

PANEL 1. To what extent have tropical forests been converted or will be converted to expand oil palm production for biofuels?

Providing the Correct Perspective of Oil Palm and its Impact on Land Use
Dr. Kalyana Sundram

Impacts of Biofuels on Southeast Asian Biodiversity Hotspots
Dr. Koh Lian Pin

Identification of Responsible Cultivation Areas for Biofuel Crops
Mr. Fitrian Ardiansyah

Oil Palm Plantations in Sarawak: Impacts to the Indigenous Dayak Communities
Mr. Mark Bujang

PANEL 2. What factors determine the extent to which greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by using oil palm-derived biodiesel? Are they better reduced through REDD?

Palm Oil-Derived Biofuels: Are They Good for the Climate?
Dr. Daniel Murdiyarso

REDD in the Red: Palm Oil Could Undermine Carbon Payment Schemes
Dr. Koh Lian Pin

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels: Ensuring that Biofuels Deliver on their Promise of Sustainability
Mr. Ibrahim H. Rehman

Sustainability Goals and Standards for California’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Funding Program
Mr. Jim McKinney

PANEL 3. What is the potential for second generation biofuel feedstocks, such as jathropha and algae, to reduce negative environmental impacts associated with oil palm?

Potential for Jatropha to Reduce Environmental Impacts Associated with Oil Palm
Mr. Toby Garrit

Microalgae Derived Biofuels: The Quest for Renewable and Carbon Neutral Feedstocks
Dr. Jeff Obbard

PANEL 4. What are the prospects for certification schemes to reduce the environmental impact of oil palm cultivation?

Dr. Vengeta Rao

Certification for Sustainable Palm Oil to Reduce Environmental Impacts
Dr. Rosediana Suharto

Biofuels and Palm Oil: Why Palm Oil Can Not Fuel the Biofuels Industry
Mr. Bustar Maitar

PANEL 5. What Additional Steps Can Be Taken to Minimize the Environmental Impact of the Palm Oil and Biofuels Industry?

Project POTICO: Harnessing Certification Schemes to Prevent Deforestation in Indonesia
Ms. Beth Gingold

Integrating Tropical Rainforest Conservation into the Palm Oil Supply Chain
Mr. Darius Sarshar