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Conflict Management in Coastal Areas (Indonesian)


The Blue Forests–ELTI Program is hosting a virtual training on “Conflict Management in Coastal Areas.”

Many mangroves in Indonesia have been lost in recent years through coastal development especially from the conversion of mangrove areas to shrimp and fishponds. Historically, mangroves have provided a large array of ecosystem services that were of value at both the local and global scale. The ability of mangroves to sequester large amounts of carbon has become of particular interest in recent years due to the worsening climate crisis.

The Indonesian government has set very ambitious goals for conserving and restoring mangroves. However, interactions between the community, government, and other stakeholders surrounding mangrove conservation and restoration can often lead to conflict. Conflicts are sometimes caused by miscommunication, but more often they are caused by other problems, such as different values or beliefs. Conflict will always be present on a large or small scale—the best way to address these problems is making conflict a place to develop and grow, rather than perceiving the conflict merely as an obstacle when implementing project activities.

This two-day Indonesian free online course focuses on providing participant with the knowledge and skills to prevent conflicts and manage conflicts productively when they do arise.

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  • Conflict Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Transformation
  • The concepts and principles of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC)
  • The concepts and principles of grievance mechanisms