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Conservation of Bornean Gibbons and Their Habitat in HCV Areas of Oil Palm Plantations


The protection of areas with High Conservation Values (HCVs) is part of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil criteria and indicators. The protection of these areas is intended to balance development objectives with social and environmental goals within oil palm plantations. Primates, particularly the Bornean gibbon, are often used as a key species indicator of the health of HCV forests in Indonesia. This training aims to provide plantation conservation managers and other local stakeholders with the knowledge and skills needed to monitor, maintain and enhance HCV areas with Bornean gibbons.

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Day 1

  • Suitability of primate habitat in rainforests
  • Social engagement in conservation and restoration programs
  • Identification of plants in primate habitats 
  • Field practice for plant identification

Day 2

  • Field practice for primate survey
  • Field practice for tree planting to restore HCV forests
  • Focus group discussion

Day 3

  • Presentation of group results
  • ELTI Leadership Program presentation
  • Summary and closing