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Conservation of Proboscis Monkeys and Their Habitat in the Sungai Hitam Forest


The riparian forest of Sungai Hitam in Samboja, East Kalimantan, provides critical habitat for the endangered Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus). Located outside a conservation area, the monkey's habitat is currently fragmented amongst other land uses including plantations, agriculture, livestock, mining, and municipal waste management. This training is intended to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to participate in the recovery of the monkey's habitat through mangrove rehabilitation in accordance with ecological, economic and social principles.


Day 1

  • Introducing the characteristics of proboscis monkeys, their behavior and pattern of life
  • Distribution of proboscis monkeys in Indonesia and their conservation status
  • Profile of proboscis monkey habitat and its constituent vegetation
  • The importance of conserving the proboscis monkeys
  • A brief description of the region's conditions and related maps
  • Distribution and condition of proboscis monkeys on Sungai Hitam
  • Habitat profile, changing trends and habitat conditions for proboscis monkeys on Sungai Hitam
  • Constraints and challenges to the conservation of proboscis monkeys and their habitat on Sungai Hitam
  • Ongoing proboscis monkey conservation initiatives
  • Field trip to the Sungai Hitam forest

Day 2

  • Discussion of findings from the field visit
  • Problems and Challenges for the Conservation of Proboscis monkeys and their habitat - ELTI and Blue Forest rapid assessment findings
  • Discussion of follow-up and commitment of the parties
  • The vegan package (Vegetation Analysis package) for community ecology analysis
  • Small group projects conducted by 2-3 students
  • Short presentations of results from individual projects