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Conserving Biodiversity in Tropical Landscapes: Protected Areas and Complementary Strategies


This month-long, field-based course was structured to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of a variety of conservation strategies that are employed in the Andes-Amazon region to protect biodiversity in areas that have had minimal, moderate, and intense levels of human intervention. The course included lectures, field-based activities and trips, case study analyses, independent and group work, and experience sharing opportunities, and visited a number of protected areas and sites where a variety of complementary conservation strategies are being employed by private land-owners, concession holders, and communal groups.


Module 1

  • The context for biodiversity conservation at a landscape level

Module 2

  • Ecological principles and human dimensions of biodiversity conservation

Module 3

  • What is at stake? State of the environment and natural resources

Module 4

  • Land use planning – towards sustainable landscapes

Module 5

  • Protected areas management

Module 6

  • Complementary strategies for biodiversity conservation outside of PAs

Module 7

  • Project design workshops and practicum