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Decision Makers Seminar Series


On August 19, STRI and ELTI hosted a visit to the Tupper facilities by Congresswoman Dalia Bernal, President of the Population, Environment, and Development Commission of Panama’s National Assembly, other members of the Commission, as well as representatives from the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) and the Aquatic Resources Authority (ARAP). The guests were introduced to STRI’s research and history in Panama. Dr. Nélida Gómez, STRI’s Academic Programs Coordinator, delivered a presentation about the status and value of Panama’s rich biodiversity, the primary drivers of environmental degradation facing the country, and the most promising conservation opportunities currently available. This event was the first of a series of seminars that STRI and ELTI are organizing for Panama’s newly elected government officials, and is a follow-up to a series of seminars offered to the government elected in 2004.