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Ecosystem Services Approach to Landscape Restoration and Sustainable Livelihoods Symposium


Deforestation and forest degradation have not only resulted in the gradual loss of biodiversity, but also in the diminution of the ability of these forest ecosystems to provide essential ecological services. When ecosystem processes and functions are drastically perturbed, various consequences with significant socio-economic impact follow. Restoring or rehabilitating degraded landscapes through an ecosystem services approach, therefore, has received greater traction in the past years from different research fields and sectors of the society.


Session Chairs: Hazel Consunji and David Lamb

The Philippine National Greening Program: Challenges to restoring forests for ecosystem services through large-scale government programs
Ms. Hazel Consunji/ Environmental Leadership & Training Initiative, Makati, Philippines

How well does species-led ecosystem restoration deliver ecosystem services?
Ms. Jia Li/ University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China

Scaling up community-based ecological mangrove rehabilitation to landscape levels in Indonesia
Mr. Benjamin Brown/ Mangrove Action Project, Yogjakarta, Indonesia

Dynamics of customary resource governance: agroforestation with voluntary carbon support in West Sumatra, Indonesia
Dr. Beria Leimona/ World Agroforestry Center, Bogor, Indonesia

Suitability of the framework species method of forest restoration for carbon stock enhancement under REDD+
Dr. Stephen Elliott/ Forest Restoration Research Unit – Chiang Mai University, Chaing Mai, Thailand

Can carbon sequestration support reforestation as a livelihood?
Dr. Noel Preece/ Charles Darwin University, NT, Australia

Landscape Partnerships: Opportunities and constraints for forest conservation and restoration within the Atlantic forest
Ms. Morena Mills/ University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Using ecosystem services to facilitate forest landscape restoration
Dr. David Lamb/ School of Agriculture and Food Science, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia