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Environmental and Productive Adaptation in Rural Properties (Portuguese)


In the online course, Curso de Adequação Ambiental e Produtiva em Propriedades Rurais (Environmental and Productive Adaptation in Rural Properties), participants learn how to develop low-impact agriculture through information and knowledge exchange on rural extension, with the goal of implementing practical activities in the region. This course includes 90 hours of material consisting of online synchronous and asynchronous lectures highlighting climate and agriculture, policies and actions associated with forest restoration, land use change, agroecological practices, low-carbon agriculture, and the importance of rural participation.

This course has been developed as a collaboration between IPÊ-ESCAS (Institute of Ecological Research-School of Environmental Conservation and Sustainability), IPÊ, ELTI, and the Federal University of Southern Bahia (UFSB). Participants include students, professionals, and extension workers in the agricultural and environmental field from IPÊ’s partner institutions, who work in the south of Bahia.


During nine thematic modules, participants learn about the concepts and approaches for sustainable land-use planning on rural properties—a process in Portuguese called “adecução ambiental.” Each module contains pre-recorded video lectures and case studies. Participants apply the concepts in a series of exercises. Live discussions are also held between experts and participants, enriching the content and exchange of experiences, and creating a support network for information sharing between the participants.

Keynote - Climate, agriculture, and agroecology
Module 1 - Public policies to encourage rural producers
Module 2 - Environmental planning and adequacy
Module 3 - Rural extension and participatory planning
Module 4 - Agroforestry systems
Module 5 - Silvicultural systems
Module 6 - Native forestry Ecological restoration and monitoring
Module 7 - Conservation of biodiversity
Module 8 - Certification
Module 9 - Rural business management
Module 10 (Field). Practices in productive and environmental sustainability