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Forest and Landscape Restoration in the Philippine Context: Free Webinar Series and Conference-Workshop


The Philippines is in a strategic position to respond to the Bonn Challenge and to the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, 2021 to 2030. To showcase and consolidate the Philippines’ accomplishments and potentially set a national restoration agenda to which all stakeholders are committed, a webinar series and conference-workshop will be organized. The webinars will discuss the forest and landscape restoration (FLR) concept in the context of the Philippines (first webinar); the experiences of various groups in implementing FLR in the country (second and third webinars); and funding mechanisms and opportunities for FLR (fourth webinar). A conference-workshop will follow the series to identify opportunities and mechanisms to cascade national FLR targets to local levels, building on existing restoration initiatives.

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April 28: Webinar 1
Forest and landscape restoration (FLR) in the Philippine context

May 26: Webinar 2
Consolidating experiences and gains from FLR initiatives in the Philippines

July 1: Webinar 3
Building on FLR gains from Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project

August 11: Webinar 4
Accelerating momentum through innovative funding mechanisms for FLR

November 24: Conference-Workshop
Boosting the Philippine’s FLR efforts nationally and alignment with international commitments and targets