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Forest Carbon Project Development Training Program - Davao City, Philippines


This four-day training course provided participants with a chance to gain a deeper understanding about the science, policy, and business aspects of afforestation/reforestation (A/R) and REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) project development, and its possible financing through the carbon markets. It also gave them an insider's perspective on forest carbon project development through actual accounts of local project developers and the basics of carbon measurement field techniques, thus giving them the knowledge and skills need to engage in these types of projects.


Day 1

  • Introductions and Program Goals / Dr. David Neidel
  • Managing Expectations and Logistics / Dr. Florencia B. Pulhin
  • Film showing: An Inconvenient Truth
  • Climate Change and Forests / Dr. Rodel D. Lasco
  • REDD and A/R from a Policy Perspective / Dr. Rodel D. Lasco
  • Carbon Project Cycle / Dr. Rodel D. Lasco
  • Carbon Markets and Standards / Ms. Hazel Consunji
  • Film showing: The Burning Season

Day 2

  • Issues and Concerns in Developing Forest Carbon Projects / Dr. Florencia B. Pulhin
  • The Tanay and Siniloan Case / Ms. Lenny Santos-Borja
  • The Quirino and Peñablanca Case / Ms. Estrella Pasion
  • The Arakan Valley Case / Mr. Godofredo T. Villapando

Day 3

  • Methods in Measuring Carbon / Dr. Florencia B. Pulhin
  • Actual Field Measurements / Dr. Florencia B. Pulhin

Day 4

  • Moving Forward / Ms. Hazel Consunji
  • Post Course Evaluation
  • Presentation of Certificates