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Forest & Landscape Restoration in Practice (Free Webinar Series)


Join us for the eight-part webinar series:

Forest & landscape restoration in practice
Experiences from alumni of ELTI’s capacity development programs

July 2021 - March 2022
Free and open to the public

Register today to attend one or more of the sessions:

This series is hosted by the Environmental Leadership & Training Initiative at Yale University, in collaboration with the Tropical Forest Landscapes online certificate program.


The recordings are available on our YouTube Channel (

1. July 15, 2021: Program management for forest and landscape restoration

  • Md. Ehsanul Hoque, National Officer (Environment), UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, Bangladesh
  • Tharuka Dissanaike, Technical Advisor, United Nations Development Programme, Sri Lanka
  • Cherif Djitte, Country Director, Trees for the Future, Senegal

Moderated by Gillian Bloomfield, Program Coordinator, Online Training, ELTI-YSE

2. August 12, 2021: Sustainable supply chains & business development

  •  Larisa Warhol, Founder, Green Earth Climate Action
  •  Juan José Molina Echeverry, Veterinarian and Farmer, El Hatico Nature Reserve, Colombia

Moderated by Karin Bucht, Program Coordinator, Africa and Blended Training, ELTI-YSE

3. September 9, 2021: Agroforestry & On-Farm Restoration Practices

  •  Joy Compendio, ELTI, ITEEM, Visayas State University, Philippines

Moderated by David Neidel, ELTI Asia Program Advisor, World Agroforestry Centre

4. October 14, 2021: Working across sectors and stakeholders (focus on Panama)

  • José de Jesús Vargas, Director and Principal Investigator, The Peregrine Fund (Panama), Director, Fundación Rapaces y Bosques, Panama
  • Samuel Valdés, President, Network of Private Nature Reserves of Panama, Founder, Biodiversity Consultant Group, Panama

Moderated by Jacob Slusser, Program Coordinator, ELTI Panama

5. November 11, 2021: Working across sectors and stakeholders (focus on Philippines)

  • Thaddeus Martinez, Head, Natural Resources Management Division; Haribon Foundation
  • Rene Vendiola, Owner, Liptong Woodland

Moderated by Joy Compendio, Program Assistant, ELTI Philippines

6. January 20, 2022: Implementing restoration and agroforestry in Uganda

  • Cathy Watson, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) & World Agroforestry (ICRAF), Kenya
  • Adriko Rogers, Kyaninga Forest Foundation, Uganda

Moderated by Gillian Bloomfield, Online Program Coordinator, ELTI-YSE & Zoraida Calle, Colombia Program Coordinator, ELTI-CIPAV

7. February 10, 2022: Forest & landscape restoration in Brazil

  • Daniel Arrifano Venturi, Conservation and Restoration Analyst, World Wildlife Fund, Brazil
  • Anazelia Tedesco, PhD Candidate, School of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Queensland, Australia

Moderated by Gillian Bloomfield, Online Program Coordinator, ELTI-YSE & Maria Otávia Crepaldi, Brazil Program Coordinator, ELTI-IPÊ:

8. March 10, 2022: Carbon Markets and Forest Land Use Change

  • Emma van de Ven, Strategy Lead, and Ina Walter, Senior Account Manager, Agroforestry Carbon Removal Units for the Organic Restoration of Nature (ACORN), Rabobank, Netherlands
  • Mary Osmond, Director of Legal Affairs and Compliance, Forest Carbon, Indonesia

Moderated by David Neidel, Asia Program Advisor, ELTI-ICRAF & Gillian Bloomfield, Online Program Coordinator, ELTI-Yale