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Free Webinars: ELTI climate fellows present their conservation and restoration projects


Hear ELTI’s Three Cairns Fellows and partners present their work toward implementing innovative climate solutions in the Global South

Monday April 17 & Monday April 24, 2023
Marsh Rotunda
12:00-1:00pm EDT

Join the Yale Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative for a presentation from our Three Cairns Fellows and partners. They will be sharing their Capstone projects, developed over the course of a year during ELTIs Tropical Forest Landscapes online certificate program, and highlighting their important work on conservation and restoration in the tropics. We are hosting two sessions featuring different presenters, please see below for more details.

To attend virtually on Zoom, please register here:

To attend in person at Yale, please register on YaleConnect using the links below:



April 17, 2023: Three Cairns Fellows Capstone Presentations

1. Godwin Phylix Cudjoe & Moro Taufic Abdoul
Restoration of degraded and mined-out areas of the Asenayo River Forest Reserve in the Nkawie Forest District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana

2. Japheth Orieny, Peter Bulimo & John Magugu
Ecosystem restoration for Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya

3. Enver Mapanda
Muembe Community – Green resources landscape restoration: A private public partnership for environmental protection, sustainable social and economic growth, Muembe District, Niassa Province, Mozambique

April 24, 2023: Three Cairns Fellows Capstone Presentations

1. Diana Quilumba
Young Indigenous Groups leading restoration in the Amazon of Ecuador

2. Andrés Melendro
Conservation of wax palm, a keystone species of Colombia's cloud forests, Toche, Tolima, Colombia

3. Stefanía Sibille & Susan Manrique
Restoration and conservation of the Zone of Conservation and Ecosystems Recovery (ZoCRE) Morro de Calzada and surrounding areas, Yantalo, San Martin, Peru