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Introduction to R: A Tool for Data Analysis of Ecological Restoration Monitoring


Data analysis is a key component of results reporting, furthering the development of innovative restoration strategies and securing funding for restoration projects. It allows restoration projects to communicate to the public what makes the project special. Data analysis is also one of the most limiting aspects of restoration projects and ecological research in Indonesia. Powerful data analysis platforms are either poorly understood due to the complicated nature of their use (R) or are very expensive (SPSS). This course will equip land managers and researchers to improve their ability to communicate results and improve data collection methods.


Day 1

  • Downloading R, R studio and installation
  • The syntax of the R language and basic operations
  • An introduction to swirl (a program within the R studio interface that teaches beginners how to use R)
  • Loading data into the R studio interface
  • Manipulating and organizing data within R

Day 2

  • The aggregate function (Calculates descriptive statistics for groups within an entire dataset, e.g., calculating average DBH by plot)
  • Running univariate statistical tests in R. T-tests and ANOVA
  • Linear regression
  • The vegan package (Vegetation Analysis package) for community ecology analysis

Day 3

  • Small group projects
  • Presentations of results from individual projects