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Introduction to REDD Training


This workshop was designed as a basic preparation for participants from regional government agencies and NGOs in West Kalimantan who are expected to be involved in the process of developing REDD projects. The three day training provided and introductory background on REDD, covering the science, policy and legal framework, as well as the technical aspects of implmentation and carbon accounting. It also discussed the complex challenges of working with local communities, and the way to address these in the Indonesian context.


The training program was designed by a committee of representatives from the five partner organizations. The curriculum was largely designed by Dr. David Neidel (ELTI) with input from Dr. Ahmad Kusworto (FFI).

Day 1

  • Introductions / Mr. Yuyun Kurniawan
  • Scientific Background / Ms. Dwi Astiani
  • International Policy Context / Mr. Marwayan
  • Carbon Markets & Standards / Dr. Eka Ginting
  • Indonesian National Policy & Legal Framework / Mr. Marwayan

Day 2

  • REDD Project Development Opportunities in West Kalimantan / Mr. Muhamad Afifudin and Dr. Markus Lupp
  • Project Development Cycle / Dr. Suraya Affif
  • Introduction to Carbon Accounting, (including Baselines, Additionality, Leakage) / Ms. Dwi Astiani
  • Carbon Accounting Field Activity / Ms. Dwi Astiani

Day 3

  • Drivers of Deforestation and Project Activities / Mr. Muhamad Afifudin and Dr. Markus Lupp
  • Working with Local Communities / Dr. Suraya Affif
  • Action Plans / Mr. Yuyun Kurniawan