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National Forest Restoration Research Training and Workshop


The Philippines, because of its high and unique biodiversity that is also unfortunately threatened by human-related pressures, is considered as one of the world's hottest hotspots. Conventional approaches to reforestation, which rely on the planting of a small number of exotic species, have done little to mitigate the threats to its dwindling natural forest areas, and less so to restore them. Through the advocacy of the Rain Forest Restoration Initiative and other like-minded organizations, the usage of native species for reforestation has been gaining greater traction over time. Increasing capacity in native species reforestation, however, is hampered by the fact the there is very limited knowledge about the propagation and silviculture of the vast majority of native species. Systematic research into native species, with a clear emphasis on selecting appropriate species for restoration is greatly needed. This training and workshop aim to lay the groundwork for science-based forest restoration research in different regions of the country.


Day 1

  • Opening Program
  • Defining Forest Restoration
  • Stages of Degradation and Tools of Restoration
  • The Value of Forest Restoration
  • Establishing a Forest Restoration Unit
  • Field Exercise: Rapid Survey Technique for Potential Restoration Site
  • Field Exercise: Phenology Scoring Demonstration

Day 2

  • Screening for Candidate Framework Tree Species for Testing   
  • Introduction to Nursery Research
  • Seed Collection and Storage
  • Nursery Session 1: Germination Trials
  • Nursery Session 2: Potting and Seedling Growth Experiments
  • Wildling Collection and Recovery Chamber

Day 3

  • Adapting Restoration to Climate Change
  • Field Trial Plot Systems 1: Establishment and Experimental Design
  • Field Trial Plot Systems 2: Data Collection and Monitoring
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Integrating Data to Decide on Species Selection: Databases, Minimum Standards and Ranking Systems
  • Closing Program