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National Rainforestation Trainers Training


This field-based course is designed to train people from diverse sectors who are actively involved in or have plans to develop land rehabilitation programs using Rainforestation techniques. Through a series of lectures, field visits, and hands-on exercises, they will gain the knowledge and skills needed to establish community nurseries and demonstration plots. As trainers, they are also expected to take this knowledge back to their organizations and communities in order to guide others in the preparation and implementation of Rainforestation projects.


Day 1

  • Opening Program
  • Introduction to Philippine Forest Ecosystem & Biodiversity - Mr. Ulysses Ferraras
  • Open Forum
  • Rainforestation - Dr. Marlito M. Bande
  • Open Forum
  • Rainforestation Site Visit: RF Adopter’s Farm in Brgy. Marcos

Day 2

  • Nursery Establishment and Propagation of Indigenous Forest Tree Seedling - Dr. Marlito M. Bande
  • Open Forum
  • Fieldwork:
    • Techniques on the Propagation of Indigenous Native Seedling
    • Researches on Indigenous Seedlings Conducted that Supports Rainforestation Technology
    • Demonstration on Establishment and Lay-outing of Low-cost Nursery Support Facilities 
    • Preparation of Potting Medium
    • Demo on the Measurement of Morphological Traits of Native Seedlings
    • Monitoring and Geo-tagging of Planted Trees
  • Analysis and Presentation of the Results (ITEEM Nursery)

Day 3

  • Lecture on the difference between Exotic and Dipterocarps Trees (Mahaplag Leyte)
  • Field Excursion - Exposure to the Forest Ecological and Restoration Trail
    • Station 1 (Degraded marginal land; Barriers to Natural Regeneration)
    • Station 3 (Secondary forest and Natural Succession)
    • Station 5 (Kaingin and Banana-pineapple RF Agroecosystem)
    • Station 7 (Quarry Site)
    • Station 12 (Community micro-watershed)
    • Station 14 (Timber production)
  • Fieldwork: (Brgy. Catmon)
    • Dendrology and Demonstration of Proper Techniques in Collecting Voucher Specimen (Secondary Forest in Watershed area near Brgy.)
    • Demo and actual Wildlings Collection
    • Potting of Wildlings
    • Inoculation of Mychorrizae into the Potted Wildlings
    • Installation of Wildlings Recovery Chamber
    • Lay-out and Planting of Native Seedlings in Watershed expansion area

Day 4

  • Field Trip: Inopacan Demonstration Site
  • Site Species Matching: Ecophysiological Traits of Native Trees for Forest Restoration (Balay Alumni) - Dr. Renezita S. Come
  • Open Forum
  • Workshop for Re-entry Action Plan
  • Presentations of Re-entry Action Plans

Day 5

  •  Presentations of Re-entry Action Plans
  • Closing Program