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Native Species Reforestation in Singapore


Singapore is a densely-populated city-state, which lost much of its forests in the 19th century. In recent years, Singapore has taken progressive steps to protect its remaining forests in a series of protected areas and establish itself as a "city in a garden" through extensive tree planting in urban areas. Because of such efforts, Singapore now serves as a showcase for the region, and indeed the rest of the world, on how forest ecosystems can be managed in a highly urban environment. While Singapore’s efforts are impressive, the question remains: Is there more that could and should be done? This workshop sponsored by ELTI, NUS-DBS, and NParks is intended to examine the state of native species reforestation in Singapore and explore options for enhancing the current approach.


Opening Remarks:  Dr. David Neidel / ELTI

Session 1. Symposium: Singapore's Reforestation Approach

  • Dr. Richard Corlett / NUS
  • Mr. Benjamin Lee / NParks
  • Mr. James Gan / NParks
  • Dr. Hugh Tan / NUS

Session 2. Symposium: Other Forest Restoration Initiatives in the Region

  • Mr. Benjamin Brown / Mangrove Action Program
  • Dr. Stephen Elliott / Chiang Mai University
  • Dr. Billy Hau / Hong Kong University
  • Dr. Campbell Webb / Harvard University Arnold Arboretum

Session 3. Workshop

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Small Group Discussions
  • Small Group Reports
  • Moving Forward