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NTFPs from Nypa and Mangrove Species and Hydroponics as Alternative Livelihoods


Processing non-timber forest products from mangrove species as an alternative livelihood can support sustainable mangrove forest management. Nipah (Nypa fruticans), a palm found in mangrove areas, is used by local community members for a variety of benefits and its fruit can be processed into flour and sweets. To reduce ecological damage to mangrove forests by forest dependent community members, non-productive, marginal land can also be used for hydroponic agriculture. Hydroponic agriculture allows food production in areas where the soils are too marginal for conventional agriculture, thus increasing domestic food security and/or the availability of commodities that can be sold in the local market. This training aims to increase the capacity of the local community in Tani Baru village, Anggana sub-disctrict, East Kalimantan, to develop these alternative livelihood opportunities.


Day 1

  • Opening
  • Hydroponic techniques
  • Making sweets from Nypa fruit
  • Making Sonneratia caseolaris syrup
  • Discussion

Day 2

  • Practicum on how to make sweets from Nypa fruit and syrup from Sonneratia caseolaris
  • Hydroponic installation
  • Discussion

Day 3

  • Practicum on hydroponic installation techniques
  • Discussion
  • Closing