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Nursery Establishment and Seedling Production Training - Daet, Philippines


On February 24, 2011, President Benigno S. Aquino III issued Executive Order 26 launching the National Greening Program (NGP), which targets the reforestation of 1.5 million hectares with 1.5 billion trees by 2016. Recognizing the great potential of the NGP, and wanting to steer it towards greater effectiveness, the Rain Forest Restoration Initiative (RFRI) and its constituent members have been working closely with the DENR to increase the usage of native species and promote the greater involvement of local communities through the development of community nurseries. This series of trainings focuses on providing Civil Society and Peoples Organizations with the knowledge and skills needed for them to participate effectively in the NGP.


Day 1

  • Opening Program
  • National Greening Program
  • Exploring Philippine Biodiversity
  • Introduction to Rainforestation
  • Nursery Establishment

Day 2

  • Basic Identification of Trees
  • Mother Tree Identification
  • Wildling Collection
  • Seedling Production
  • Recovery Chamber
  • Rainforestation Site Establishment
  • Site Assessment
  • Site Maintenance
  • Monitoring

Day 3

  • Community-Based Rainforestation Approach
  • Case Study: Cienda
  • Action Planning
  • Closing Program