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Nursery Management Techniques to Support Land Rehabilitation in Proboscis Monkey Habitat Areas at the Black River (in Indonesian)


Indonesian title: "Teknik Pengelolaan Persemaian Tanaman untuk Kegiatan Rehabilitasi Lahan di Areal Habitat Bekantan (Nasalis larvatus) di Sungai Hitam”

Land degradation and conversion have seriously affected habitat availability for the proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) along the Black River of Samboja, East Kalimantan. Restoration and rehabilitation are now needed in the area to restore the structure and function of the forest for the proboscis monkeys and other animals. To help supply good quality planting material, Tropenbos-ELTI will work with local partners to conduct a training on nursery establishment and management techniques for farmers and other landowners from the surrounding community in support of restoration/rehabilitation efforts. Funding for the nursery is being provided by BPDAS Mahakam Berau.



Day 1
1. Opening
2. Nursery establishment
3. Planting media
4. Seed selection
5. Controlling pests and diseases
6. Discussion

Day 2
1. Planting medium practicum
2. Composting practicum
3. Seed sowing practicum
4. Nursery care practicum
5. Discussion and evaluation