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Rainforestation Research and Monitoring Training


This course provided an orientation to representatives from the Philippines Forestry Education Network (PFEN)-affliated State Universities and Colleges on how to develop land rehabilitation programs using Rainforestation techniques. Through a series of lectures, field visits, and hands-on exercises, they learned what they need in order to establish demonstration plots and implement Rainforestation projects. They were also taught research and monitoring protocols for collecting data on phenology, germination, and growth and survival, and provided guidance in entering, analyzing, and storing their data.


Day 1

  • Opening Program
  • Overview of Rainforestation Technology
  • Exploring Philippine Forest Ecosystems
  • Demo on Nursery Establishment and Seedling Production

Day 2

  • Initial Site Assessment: Vegetation and Soil Assessment
  • Site Assessment: Tree Planting vs. ANR
  • Phenology Data collection
  • Site Visits to Patag, Marcos, and Catmon

Day 3

  • Phenology: Data Collection and Data Analysis
  • Germination: Experimental Design, Data Analysis, and Interpretation
  • Seedling Growth Experiments
  • Field Trials: Design, Data Collection, and Analysis

Day 4

  • Biodiversity Recovery: Bird Data Analysis Method
  • Introduction to Databases: Need to Integrate Data for All Experiments
  • Database Structure and Design
  • Data Entry
  • Data Analysis: Selecting Tree Species
  • Moving forward