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Rainforestation Training and Monitoring of the El Verde Movement


On February 23, 2011, Hon. Lray Villafuerte, Governor of Camarines Sur Province, launched the El Verde Movement with the goal of planting 12 million seedlings in two cities, 35 municipalities, and 1,036 barangays by the end of 2012. The El Verde Movement emphasizes the usage of native trees and promotes Rainforestation due to the advocacy of two Rainforestation trainers, Mr. Jerry Osea and Ms. Theresa dela Cruz, both of whom were working for the EDMERO-Cam Sur at the time the movement was conceived. ELTI keeps regular correspondence with training program alumni, which led to the request for and development of a short training on Rainforestation for the EDMERO-Cam Sur staff and some members of People’s Organizations who are involved in the El Verde Movement, as well as monitoring of the Movement’s progress to date.


Day 1

  • Opening Program
  • Introduction to Rainforestation
  • Nursery Establishment & Seedling Production
  • Mangrove Ecosystems
  • Cienda Case Study: Community-Based Rainforestation Development

Day 2

  • Seedling Production
  • Wildling Collection
  • Recovery Chamber
  • Site Assessment
  • Rainforestation Site Establishment
  • Monitoring