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Rainforestation Training for the Hindang Persons with Disability Agriculture Cooperative


VSU-ITEEM and ELTI provided a training for members of the Hindang Persons with Disability Agriculture Cooperative (HIPEDAC) in Hindang, Leyte, to start developing a 6-hectare Rainforestation site. Rainforestation uses mixtures of native forest tree species, fruit trees and agricultural crops to rehabilitate degraded land, restore key ecosystem services and provide alternative sources of livelihood. The three-day training was designed to develop and strengthen the capabilities of the members of HIPEDAC to design, implement and monitor their Rainforestation site.


Day 1:

  • Introduction to Philippine Biodiversity and Rainforestation
  • Lecture on Rainforestation nursery establishment, fruiting phenology, seed treatment, wilding collection and chambering
  • Lecture entitled, "Conservation Agriculture: Rainforestation Farming"

Day 2:

  • Demonstration on nursery establishment and lay-outing, propagation techniques, wilding collection and chambering
  • Presentation and Discussion on HIPEDAC farm plan

Day 3:

  • Development of HIPEDAC Rainforestation demonstration site