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Rainforestation Training for Watershed Managers


This course provides an orientation to 'Rainforestation' for watershed managers from the National Power Corporation, a state-owned company which is legally responsible for rehabilitating eleven watersheds in the Philippines where hydroelectric and geothermal power plants have been established. Through a series of lectures, field visits, and hands-on exercises, the participants will learn what they need in order to establish demonstration plots and implement Rainforestation projects in cooperation with local communities. As trained trainers, they will be expected to take this knowledge back to their watershed areas, lead the implementation of local projects, and spread the technology to other stakeholders.


Day 1

  • Opening Program
  • NPC Presentation
  • Rainforestation Orientation: Concepts and History
  • RF Typologies and Approaches in Community-based Watershed Restoration 
  • Species Selection in Watershed Restoration
  • Basic Concepts of Watershed Management
  • Demo on Nursery Establishment and Seedling Production
  • Site Visit: VSU RF Demo Farm

Day 2

  • Field Work (Nursery Layout & Design, Germination Trials, and Preparation of Growth Chamber)
  • Site Visit: Cienda RF Demo Farm

Day 3

  • Departure for Silago, Southern Leyte
  • Site Assessment: Soil & Vegetation
  • Secondary forests in Brgy. Katipunan
  • Courtesy Call with Mayor Labrador and MENRO
  • Site Assessment: Soil & Vegetation
  • Open areas in Brgy. Puntana

Day 4

  • Mother Tree Identification
  • Phenology
  • Voucher Specimen Documentation
  • Wildling Collection 
  • Departure for VSU
  • Growth Chamber Establishment

Day 5

  • Site Visit to Marcos: Demo for Establishing Agroforestry Farm
  • Presentation of Action Plans
  • Closing Program