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Reclamation and Revegetation Techniques in Post-Mining Areas


The Indonesian Ministry of Environment & Forestry routinely provides large areas of the forestry estate for mining. Kalimantan is the largest source of coal in the country with millions of hectares having been permitted to small, medium and large-sized companies. Indonesian government regulations require permit-holders to carry out reclamation and revegetation of the mined areas, as well as conduct community empowerment in surrounding areas. However, due to poor government oversight and companies’ limited technical knowledge, reclamation and rehabilitation efforts are rarely successful. The legacy of mining, therefore, continues to be felt in the surrounding area through landslides, poor water quality, floods, air pollution, loss of biodiversity and conflict with local communities. To help address this challenge, ELTI, TBI and Pusdiklat have joined together to provide a training on mined site reclamation and revegetataion. This training aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed for community leaders, extension officers and NGO representatives to work together with coal mine companies to achieve better reclamation and revegetation outcomes.


Day 1: Samarinda

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Regulations on Forest Revegetation & Reclamation
  • Species Identification for Revegetation & Reclamation
  • Reclamation & Revegetation Techniques

Day 2: Samarinda & Samboja

  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Practicum: Reclamation & Revegetation Techniques

Day 3: Samboja

  • Practicum: Species Identification
  • Practicum: Reclamation & Revegetation Techniques

Day 4: Samboja

  • Practicum: Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Developing a Reclamation & Revegetation Plan
  • Course Evaluation
  • Closing Ceremony

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Closing