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Roundtable on the Development of Biofuels in Panamá and Central America


With the background provided by the one-day conference on biofuels and neotropical forests, this roundtable allowed participants to focus their discussion on the way the industry is developing in the Central American region, specifically in Panama. The presentations provided an introduction and local context to the issue in the region, and the questions guided the discussion about how the industry could plan its development in Central America in order to be sustainable and avoid many of the problems in has already caused elsewhere.



The State of Biofuels in Central America
Carla Chízmar

An Analytic Framework for the Biofuels Industry
José Manuel Pérez

Discussion questions

  • How is the biofuel industry developing in Panama and in Mesoamerica in general?
  • What are the potential opportunities and threats (both ecological and social) that the industry poses in the region?
  • What steps can be (or are being) taken to promote the development of a sustainable biofuels industry in Panama and throughout Mesoamerica?