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Science and Policy for Scaling-up Agroecology in Latin America (pre-conference course)


The IV International Agroecology Course, which will take place before the VII Latin American Agroecology Conference, will analyze the challenges and opportunities for reaching more farmers and expanding the geographic coverage of agroecology in Latin America. Speakers will discuss different strategies for scaling-up this discipline in its ecological, agronomic, socio-economic, cultural and political dimensions. Previous versions of this course took place in Lima (2013), La Plata (2015) and Brasilia (2017).

The course objectives are:

  • To update participants on the recent advances in the scaling-up of agroecology
  • To analyze farm, community, watershed and landscape scale initiatives, together with proposals for alternative markets and public policy
  • To promote exchange between outstanding specialists of different agroecology-related issues in Latin America
  • To analyze the potential and barriers for scaling-up agroecology in peasant and urban agriculture, commercial farms and agricultural landscapes

This course is part of an ongoing dialogue between agroecology and ecological restoration, promoted by SOCLA, CIPAV and ELTI.