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Symposium: Land Reforestation with Native Species


This event was held as part of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) annual meeting, July 19-23, 2010.

Currently most reforestation in the tropics occur at large industrial scales with a few well known exotics which have well accepted markets and known and secure silvicultural technologies. There is a need for reforestation with native species that can provide greater ecological and social values. This symposium brought together ten speakers who focused on degraded tropical lands and reforestation with native species. 


Major issues in establishing mixed-species stands in subtropical and tropical environments: examples from Costa Rica and Australia
J. Doland Nichols

Overcoming knowledge gaps in the use of native species for reforestation: lessons from PRORENA
Jefferson S. Hall

Pathways toward restoration for cleared and selectively logged lands in the hill mixed dipterocarp forest region of Southeast Asia
Mark S. Ashton

Degradation and restoration processes of seasonal dry tropical forests in Central America
Heather Griscom

Restoring tropical forest ecosystems: from research to practice
Stephen D. Elliott

The culture of tree planting and protecting by landholders in rural Panama and their experiences with PRORENA: implications for designing 
Eva Garen

Comparison of site preparations approach for forest restoration in Alang-alang grassland in West Kalimantan
Romadoni Anggoro

Restoration of ecological and economic diversity in monoculture forest plantations: a case study from Sri Lanka
I. A. U. Nimal Gunatilleke

The use of fig trees (Ficus spp.) in forest restoration plantings
Cherdsak Kuaraksa

Peat swamp forest rehabilitation in South-East Asia
Peter J. Van Der Meer