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Symposium: REDD-Plus: Beyond the Hype


This event was held as part of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) annual meeting, July 19-23, 2010.

In order to avoid the type of problems that have befallen conservation/development schemes in the past, this symposium has been designed as a forum for critically evaluating the opportunities and obstacles to using REDD-plus for tropical biodiversity conservation. Because REDD-Plus is a multi-faceted mechanism, which unites science, business, policy, and management, this symposium included presentations that explored the potential for REDD-Plus to facilitate biodiversity conservation from a variety of different, though inter-related angles.


Ready for REDD: High resolution carbon stocks and emissions in the Amazon
Gregory Asner

Hierarchical Bayesian modeling of aboveground forest carbon in Papua New Guinea; Isolating the influence of selective-harvesting and El Niño
Julian Fox

REDD+: The Next Silver Bullet for Tropical Forest Conservation
Elizabeth Losos

Real costs of REDD—From underestimating opportunity costs to understanding replacement costs in biodiversity hotspots
Brendan Fisher

REDD: Reckoning environment and development demands
Jaboury Ghazoul

Generic REDD+ Model: Scenarios to conserve landscape and reward actors
Herry Purnomo

Community forest management as building block of REDD Madagascar:  Risk and opportunity for community’s livelihood
Lalaina Cynthia Ratsimbazafy

Developing community-managed REDD+ demonstration activities based on village forest(hutan desa) designation and management
Ahmad Kusworo

REDD+ in Papua New Guinea: Is anybody ready?
David K. Mitchell

Biodiversity and Climate Change
Mari Mulyani

Biodiversity and REDD
Stuart Pimm

Will REDD-labeled protected areas conserve Indonesia’s lowland forests?
David Luc Andrea Gaveau

Harnessing REDD to conserve the Sumatran tiger: An update of REDD implementation at the project level
Agus Suratno

Multi-level planning to maximize biodiversity benefits from forest carbon investments: Berau Forest Carbon Program
Lex Hovani

REDD in Berau, Indonesia: Systematic prioritization of strategies and location to reduce forest carbon emissions
Oscar Venter

Improved forest management in East Kalimantan, Indonesia: An opportunity for emissions reductions and biodiversity conservation
Bronson Griscom

Biodiversity benefits and costs from mitigating climate change by reducing emissions from ecosystem destruction and degradation, and increased carbon
Francis Putz

Forest management and REDD: the role of silvicultural treatments for enhancing carbon stocks after logging
Marielos Pena-Claros

Forest restoration for carbon sequestration: Opportunities and challenges
Robyn A. Sakkara