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Training on Biodiversity Assessment


Although the Philippines is ranked as the 5th mega-diverse country in world, threats to its biodiversity are still high due to natural and human-made damages to ecosystems. In response to these threats, VSU-ITEEM developed Rainforestation, a participatory approach in forest restoration that highlights the use of native species as a strategy to restore habitat and conserve biodiversity. This course aims to capacitate Rainforestation adopters on proper techniques used to collect, handle and identify fauna such as birds, bats and lizards, among others animals, in different Rainforestation areas, while orienting them on the importance of wildlife and conservation efforts.


This course is comprised of four modules, each occurring at a different location: Visayas State University; Cabucgayan, Biliran; Inopacan, Leyte; and Hindang Leyte. Each one-day module will cover:

  • Introduction to Philippine biodiversity and wildlife
  • Demonstration of equipment, materials and data needed for wildlife collection
  • Day and night fieldwork on rapid assessment at the VSU-ITEEM Nursery Area
  • Species identification and data collection of wildlife