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Training on Rainforestation for Protected Area Superintendents


This field-based course was designed to train representatives from the Department of Environment & Natural Resources to develop land rehabilitation programs using Rainforestationtechniques. Through a series of lectures, field visits, and hands-on exercises, they learned what they need in order to establish demonstration plots and implement Rainforestation projects. As trained trainers, they are expected to take this knowledge back to their regions, lead the implementation of local projects, and spread the technology.


Day 1

  • Opening Program
  • Leveling of expectations & training objectives
  • Exploring Philippine Forest Ecosystems
  • Global Aspects of Reforestation with Native Trees with Special Reference to Climate Change Issues
  • Watershed Rehabilitation

Day 2

  • Visit to RF site: FORI
  • Demo on nursery establishment and seedling production
  • Wildling collection and construction of growth chamber
  • Visit to RF site: Marcos & Patag

Day 3

  • Celebrating Forest 2011: Program and Tree Planting Activities in Silago
  • Voucher Specimen Collection and Processing
  • Phenology

Day 4

  • Initial Site Assessment (soils and flora): Hinunangan
  • Establishment of RF Sites
  • Monitoring and Forest Assessment
  • Visit to RF site: Maihi

 Day 5

  • Presentation of Action Plans
  • Leadership Program (LP) Presentation
  • Introduction to the Rainforestation Information Portal
  • Synthesis and Evaluation
  • Closing Program