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Training of Trainers on Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation


The Blue Forests – ELTI program will be hosting a Training of Trainers in Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation (EMR) in Balikpapan with the hopes of disseminating this alternative mangrove rehabilitation methodologies in Indonesia. Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation (EMR) is an alternative approach that focuses on ensuring both the right social and ecological conditions for mangroves to re-establish themselves in areas that were formerly deforested or degraded, Mangroves require careful and measurable planning to determine the rehabilitation needs of each location. The success of mangrove rehabilitation is not only determined by proper rehabilitation implementation, but also by the right planning, monitoring and evaluation process for future improvement.


1. Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation (EMR) Introduction
2. Key Biophysical Factors
3. Program Design
4. Preliminary Assessment
5. Biophysical Assessment
6. Assessing Resilience
7. Design and Planning
8. Implementation and Monitoring