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Training-for-Trainers of Tropical Forest Restoration


With increasing global awareness about the importance of rehabilitating degraded landscapes and the expansion of ecological restoration as a field of study, there are increasingly more people actively involved in or planning to implement restoration projects. In many cases these people serve as trainers, bringing this knowledge back to their communities and organizations, leading implementation projects at the local level, and disseminating the techniques.

This online course aims to teach the participants a variety of strategies, tools, resources and perspectives relevant to the implementation of tropical forest restoration efforts. Through a series of discussions, presentations, and exercises, this course provides a platform for individuals from diverse sectors to share methods and experiences for teaching and providing technical assistance on restoration.

The participants must meet during predetermined blocks of 2-3 hours on the Saturdays at the end of each module in order to participate in the videoconferences and live discussion sections. In preparation for Saturday, the participants can complete their homework according to their own schedules. During the course homework assignments will be directed towards the completion of a comparative analysis of restoration training programs.

At the end of the course, the participant will receive a certificate of participation.


The material is divided into thematic modules that each last one week:

Thematic modules

  •     Week 1: Actors and sectors involved in restoration training
  •     Week 2: ELTI’s site-based approach to capacity building
  •     Week 3: Training pedagogy of other organizations
  •     Week 4: International networks and communities on restoration