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Webinar 1: Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) in the Philippine Context


This is the first webinar in our series entitled, Restoring Forests and Landscapes: Consolidating Gains and Accelerating Progress in the Philippines

The first webinar will set the stage for the series. It will focus on the concept of forest landscape restoration (FLR) as a global agenda and its application in various geographies. Challenges that hamper FLR efforts will be discussed alongside current initiatives and sectoral targets set by the Philippine Government.

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  • Forest and landscape restoration overview: Dr. Robin Chazdon (University of Sunshine Coast)
  • Evergreening the Earth Campaign: Green up to cool down: Dr. Dennnis Garrity (UNCCD/Global Evergreening Alliance)
  • National Greening Program: DENR’s FLR initiative: Dir. Marcial Amaro, Jr. (DENR-Forest Management Bureau)
  • Land Degradation Neutrality: A multi-stakeholder FLR agenda: Engr. Samuel Contreras (DA-Bureau of Soils and Water Management)
  • Forest and landscape restoration: a policy perspective: Hon. Loren Legarda (House of Representatives, Philippines)
  • Panel Discussion: Dr. Dominique Cagalanan (RISE) and Dr. David Neidel (ELTI)-Moderators
  • Summary and Ways Forward: Ms. Sarah Queblatin (Green Releaf Initiative)