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Webinar 4: Accelerating Momentum through Innovative Funding Mechanisms for Forest and Landscape Restoration


This is the fourth webinar in our series: Restoring Forests & Landscapes: Consolidating Gains & Accelerating Progress in the Philippines.

The fourth webinar will explore several different types of funding mechanisms that are currently available to launch and finance long-term forest landscape restoration programs.

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  • Welcome Remarks and Introduction: Dr. Dennis Garrity (Global EverGreening Alliance)
  • Keynote Presentation: Ms. Randee Latonio (Shell)
  • San Carlos Development Board, Inc. (SCDB): Mr. Anacleto Villarante, Jr. (SCDB)
  • Green Climate Fund (GCF): Mr. Marc Dumas-Johansen (GCF)
  • Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP): Mr. Prudencio Calado III (LBP)
  • Panel Discussion for Speakers: Ms. Sarah Queblatin (Green Releaf Initiative)
  • Q&A: Ms. Ayn Torres and Ms. Caroline Piñon (World Agroforestry Philippines)
  • Summary and Ways Forward: Dr. Dennis Garrity