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Workshop on Native Species Reforestation, and Agroforestry and Silvopastoral Systems


ELTI and PRORENA offered this four-day workshop about the use and management of native trees for reforestation. This field-based course combined formal presentations, discussion sessions, field trips, and a group planning exercise, in order to update participants about the management of their plantations and introduce them to alternative uses of trees in agroforestry and silvopastoral systems. Participants of this course came from the central provinces of Panama, a heavily deforested agricultural landscape, and therefore is important to build the capacity of local residents to plant and manage native species plantations and to integrate native trees into their farming practices.


Day 1

  • Module 1: Introduction to PRORENA and the PRORENA on-farm and species selection trials: ecological and social data

Day 2

  • Module 2: Managing native species plantations and the specific issues facing the PRORENA on-farm trial participants
  • Field Trip 1: Visiting the plantations of two PRORENA on-farm trial participants: demonstration of pruning and thinning techniques
  • Module 3: Silvopastoral systems – benefits, establishment and management
  • Module 4: Agroforestry systems – benefits, establishment and management

Day 3

  • Field Trip 2: The PRORENA species selection trials
  • Field Trip 3: Silvopastoral and agroforestry systems in practice
  • Module 5: Description of Rio Hato, Coclé: soils, climate and rainfall – presentation about the experiences of on-farm trial participants in the region: experiences of Armando Muñoz
  • Module 6: Presentations by organizations that work on native species reforestation and agroforestry and silvopastoral systems in the region (Coclé and Los Santos)

Day 4

  • Group Planning Exercise: Designing a sustainable farm
  • Module 7: Establishing and managing small-scale nurseries: experiences with a community nurseries program in the Panama Canal Watershed (Cadena Verde Comunitaria)
  • Module 8: The social aspects of a silvopastoral program with cattle ranchers in Colombia