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Introducing Oyster and Straw Mushroom Cultivation Techniques for Communities Around Oil Palm Plantations (Online Training)


Mushrooms have long been used by humans both as a food source and as a medicinal ingredient. There are many types of mushrooms that can be cultivated. Two of the most common in Indonesia are Straw mushrooms and Oyster mushrooms, although the production and consumption of mushrooms remains quite low. This online training is focused on helping local community members in areas surrounding oil palm plantations develop mushroom production as an alternative livelihood. Palm oil plantations are a good location for mushroom production given the prevalence of wood waste and sawdust that can serve as a growing medium for the mushrooms.


Day 1

  • Opening
  • Background knowledge on edible mushroom cultivation
  • Straw mushroom cultivation techniques
  • Discussion

Day 2

  • Oyster mushroom cultivation techniques
  • Marketing and distribution strategy
  • Discussion
  • Closing