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Management and Monitoring of HCV-HCS Forest in Oil Palm Plantations (Online Training)


The conservation of forest areas within oil palm plantations to safeguard and enhance their High Conservation Values (HCV) and High Carbon Stocks (HCS) is a key requirement for sustainability certification through the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). In order to fulfill this requirement, oil palm plantations need to implement a management and monitoring system for the HCV-HCS sites. For many oil palm plantations, however, the knowledge and skills needed to set up such a system falls outside their area of expertise. This training therefore aims to introduce the concept and best practices of HCV- HCS management and monitoring to relevant oil palm plantation staff.


Day 1

  • Opening
  • Introduction to the concept and identification of HCV-HCS
  • Discussion

Day 2

  • Management of HCV-HCS
  • Discussion

Day 3

  • Monitoring of HCV-HCS
  • Discussion
  • Closing