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Mangrove Rehabilitation for Proboscis Monkey Habitat Conservation (Online Training)


Proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) are endemic to the island of Borneo. Their population has been decreasing over time, primarily due to the destruction of their habitat for logging, smallholder agriculture, mining, shrimp & fish ponds and other land uses. The majority of Proboscis monkeys are located outside of formal protected areas. Habitat conservation and restoration are urgently needed to ensure the long-term survival of the species. This training aims to Increase the capacity of local stakeholders in the Mahakam Delta to actively engage in these efforts.


Day 1

  • Opening
  • Getting to know the proboscis monkey and relevant conservation efforts
  • Discussion

Day 2

  • Mangrove conservation of Proboscis monkey habitat: management problems and challenges
  • Discussion

Day 3

  • Carrying out mangrove rehabilitation to protect Proboscis monkey habitat
  • Discussion
  • Closing